What We Offer

  • An incubator program for local startups
  • Office space for business administration
  • A 3000sf state of the art commercial kitchen open 24/7
  • Shared communal areas such as office areas, break rooms, dishwashing areas, parking lots and more.
  • Kitchen rental spaces to help new and upcoming businesses
  • Business administration services to help businesses navigate their industry and help with the day to day logistics of their operation.
  • A community art program where we commission local artists to beautify the building and promote local artists and their communities.

Thinking About Joining Us?

There is a lot to cover so please read and complete all of the following information and steps on this page in order to begin operating at the Culinary Center.

The First Steps

  1. After meeting and interviewing with the Landlord you will be shown your specified workspace to ensure you have everything you need.
  2. After approval of the workspace you will be given an operating agreement/lease with guidelines and rules to follow.
  3. Sign the Lease agreement and pay the first month’s rent.

The Next Steps

  1. After signing the lease agreement, you will go to the Danvers Board of Health and inform the Director of the Board of Health your intention to lease the space.
  2. They will supply you with a food service license application and inform you of any other documentation you may need.
  3. You will have to acquire the required liability insurance as outlined in the Lease agreement and provide a Certificate of Insurance to the Landlord. This should be listed as:

Preferred Investments

10 Garden Street, Danvers MA 01923

  1. You will have to acquire your Manager Serve Safe credentials and supply that to the Landlord.
  2. Once Board of Health approval is acquired and initial BoH inspection is completed, you will turn in a copy of the Food Service License to the Landlord.
  3. You are now finished for the term of the Lease agreement; you will then need to stay current on all of your documents to the Landlord as outlined in the Lease agreement.


Reach Chris Keohane through the following:

For more details, visit